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Engine repairs

At Specialized Automotive in Urbana , IL, we provide skilled engine repairs for vehicles and light trucks. We specialize in Lexus, Toyota, and Scion, offering exceptional customer service and top-quality work. Review our engine repairs page to find out how we can help get your car back on the road.h here.

​Engine Diagnostics

You may be unsure whether your engine needs servicing. Our honest and skilled technician can inspect your car and identify the cause of your automotive issues. Some signs that your engine requires repairs include:

  • Your engine makes a knocking noise.
  • You experience performance issues.
  • Your gas mileage is poor.
  • Your car produces excessive exhaust.
  • Your engine warning lights come on.
  • You notice an unusual smell.

It is important to bring your car in as soon as possible to diagnose any of these problems. We can help you avoid further issues by identifying the source and providing the necessary repairs.

Engine Repairs

Specialized Automotive in Urbana, IL, can handle any concerns you have with your engine to help you avoid the need for replacement.

Cylinder Heads: This component closes the top of the cylinder and coordinates the airflow to and from your engine. We can check your cylinder heads and repair any damage or sealing issues to restore your vehicle's performance and power.

Timing Belts: This element of the combustion system synchronizes the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft and enables engine valves to open and close at the correct times. It is crucial to check the functioning of your car's timing belt regularly.

Ignition Systems: Your ignitions system uses an electric spark to ignite a mixture of fuel and air and start your engine.

When this system works correctly, your car starts and runs well. At Specialized Automotive, we can repair or replace your ignition when it no longer works properly.

Engine Maintenance

The best way to avoid the need for engine repairs is to bring your car in for routine maintenance and service. Our highly trained tech will perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition for a long time. Your car will maintain high performance, increased fuel efficiency, and have a longer life span when you make time for routine service appointments.

Typical engine problems include leaking radiators, transmission issues, poor compression, coolant loss, worn spark plugs, and oil leaks. Our routine service addresses your oil and fluids, checks your spark plugs, and completes general tasks to keep your car running smoothly, minimizing the need for more extensive repairs.

Keep Your Vehicle on the Road With Specialized Automotive

Thank you for visiting our engine repairs page. When you choose the husband and wife team at Specialized Automotive in Urbana, IL, you get reliable, high-quality service you can trust for all your engine needs. Schedule an appointment online, or call or text us at 217-496-7003 today to ensure your car's engine is in top shape.​

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